A bit on paper.

What‘s a flipbook?

What‘s a flipbook? Flipbook is one of many names given through the years to this fantastic invention – an ancestor of cinema and animation. It’s a booklet containing a series of images that change only very slightly. Essentially, each page is like a single video frame. When the pages are turned with enough speed – by flipping through them – these appear to animate to our eyes thanks to the persistence of vision.

Upload your video and we’ll turn it into a flipbook..

It’s a great way to store a digital file in a real drawer!

Here’s a few tips

A flipbook is: a great gift idea, a way to store your most beloved videos, a business card, a party favour, an instruction booklet. It’s a video on paper!

Shoot your video, experiment with it and then print it!


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I ordered some to give to grandparents and uncles, it was an original and much appreciated gift. A great way to crystallize memories of life, also a great idea to make wedding favors. Delivery was on time and assistance was precise and detailed! We strongly recommend.